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QPCC Grant Application Form

Wed 4 May 2016

Please note that this form is for both small and large grants with one addition required for large grants on the final question.

The deadline for the next round will be announced soon - but applications can be submitted anytime now. 

Before you start the form please ensure that:

You have read the grant guidelines and checklist for applicants

You have the necessary signatures for your project (form below)

(as part of the process you will be required to provide signatures of relevant people associated with your application. To help we have provided a form for the signatures which you can download below before you complete the application form. We suggest that you print out this download, sign where applicable and upload it as part of your application under the "signatures" upload link below)


1 Start 2 Preview 3 Complete
Are you a constituted organisation, either within Queen’s Park or outside, or an unconstituted community group or an individual? Please give details of project leader/s. If you are an individual you will need to be sponsored by your local QP Councillor. (max 200 words)
What will your project do? What needs does it address? Who will benefit? Which of the Grant themes fits your project? How long will it last? Please provide your start and finish date. (max 200 words)
Please tell us what the project includes, who will manage it and any other project partners you will be working with; where will the project be based? If you need other resources for your project, such as equipment, please state what they are and how it will benefit your project. (max 200 words)
Does your project support children/young people/elder citizens/families and/or the development of Queens Park Ward? Please estimate how many people will benefit from the project and over what time period. (max 200 words)
(Please tell us how you will organise and manage a successful project including a break down of your costings; please note that if you are applying for a LARGE GRANT you will have to show how much you need at commencement and at the mid-point of the project) Please see here for an example... Cost breakdown example: Hall hire (6 weeks for 2 hours/week @ £10/hour) £120 Art materials (£20/session x 6 sessions) £120 Volunteer training (one day for 5 people) £100 Transport (minibus hire for 3 days @ £20/day) £60 Entrance fees to exhibition (group rate for 15 people) £15 Total £415
N.b. We will use the electoral register to check that the names and addresses provided match. If the names are not on the electoral register we will contact one of the signatories of the application who must show that they are correct.
Files must be less than 12 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg pdf.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.